To contact me, please email me at mm8dt@virginia.edu or message me on Twitter @mmglacialgeo

Recent Publications

Differential impact of isolated topographic bumps on glacial ice flow and subglacial processes, pre-printed in The Cryosphere.

Streamlined subglacial bedform sensitivity to bed characteristics across the deglaciated Northern Hemisphere, published in Earth Surface Processes and Landforms in 2022.

Funding for this work comes from the UVA Chamberlain Endowment, the H.G. Goodell Endowment, and the Moore Research Award.

For thousands of years, Yesą́, the people of the Monacan Nation, have lived on, protected and cultivated the lands on which the University of Virginia, built on colonized land by enslaved laborers, stands. As ancient peoples who thrive today, I acknowledge and respect their stewardship of the land past, present, and future. To learn more about the Monacan Nation or donate to the Monacan Food Bank, please visit their website at https://www.monacannation.com/.